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The renewal process begins in July for the upcoming membership year. Renewal notices are sent out in July, October, January, March and May. When a member renews, they are removed from future renewal notices for that year. There are times when a member pays their dues, but they still receive a renewal notice. If dues are paid to the local post, it takes a little longer for national to be notified about the renewal and the member may receive another renewal notice. If this occurs, please contact Post 833 to ensure that we have received your dues.

To avoid this, we STRONGLY suggest that you renew your membership online. By doing so, your membership will be renewed immediately avoiding any delays in notification to national.


In order to renew online you can click on the 2025 Dues $55 or RENEW ONLINE buttons above. (You'll need your Legion ID #)


You can also set up a MYLEGION Account. Once you do that, not only will you be able to Renew your membership but manage your membership online, connect with existing members, locate  discounts on things like insurance or car rentals, and find exclusive content available only to members.

Follow the steps below:



You must have an email on record in order to Register an account. If you did not give an email when you initially joined the American Legion,  DO NOT create a MYLEGION account yet.  If you do, your membership information will not sync to your account. It will actually ask you to Join the Legion.

If you did not give an email when you initially joined the American Legion, you are not sure or your email may have changed since you originally joined, email  Post 833 at  We can check the system.




Register a MYLEGION Account

How to Create a MyLegion Account Video

  1. Go to and select “Register

  2. Enter email in the Register window and click “Next” (Must be email on record with American Legion)

    1. Mobile No (Optional) – no functions at this time.  Future enhancement.

    2. Two-Factor Authentication –not recommended unless you wish to add extra security each time you log in.  Setting two-factor authentication requires the password and a security code emailed with each log in.

  3. Enter your Last Name, First Name and check consents and click “Next”. View

  4. Create your password in the welcome window.

  5. The email entered must be verified.  The email is verified one of two ways.

    1. Enter the OTP sent to your email and click “Finish Registration”.  This is sent after step 2.

    2. Do not enter OTP and click “Finish Registration”. An email will be sent with a link to confirm and returns to the login page.

  6. Click My Account from your myLegion home page to view your membership information.  Officers registering for post and squadron access will find that information on the My Account window.



  1. I didn’t receive my temporary password.

    1. Check your Junk mail of Spam

    2. Return to and “Register” to re-enter email in the registration window.

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