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This page is dedicated to all the members of Post 833 who have transferred to Post Everlasting when they were called to duty by the Supreme Commander.


We salute our departed post members and thank them for their contribution and service to country, community and post. May they rest in peace.

2024 - Vincent Ciantro

2023 - Richard C. Smith

              John J. Mullahy Jr.

            Thomas R. Mooney

            James S. Gouras

2022 - Timothy J. Donovan

            John Fisher Jr.

            Anthony Bernardo

            John McGarvey

            John McGee

2021 - Paul Scalogna

            Walter Olsen


2019 - Joseph Caravello

            Frank Todaro

2018 - Robert Johnsen

            Ron Lemieux

            Matthew Pepitone

            Adam Rosenblatt

            Ira Schwartz

2017 - Earl Scott

            Richard Glasheen

2015 - Anthony LaVecchia

2011 - Nicholas Albanese

2009 - George Arns

           Wilbur Blackmer

2004 - Alan Mason

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