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Here are a few examples of how others have decorated the Hall for their gatherings.

Green Party 1.jpg
100th Anniversary 1.jpg
100th Anniversary 3.jpg
100th Anniversary 2.jpg
Baby Shower 1.jpg
Baby Shower Blue 8.jpg
Purple Party 4.jpg
Baby Birthday 1.jpg
Baby Birthday 3.jpg
Baby Birthday 5.jpg
Baby Shower 2.jpg
Baby Shower 3.jpg
Baby Shower 4.jpg
Birthday Horse 1.jpg
Halloween 4.jpg
Halloween 1.jpg
Black and White 80th Birthday.jpg
Halloween 3.jpg
Wedding Shower 3.jpg
Birthday Horse 2.jpg
Black and White 2.jpg
Cheers Party 4.jpg
White Spring.jpg
Wedding Shower 1.jpg
Black and White 7.jpg
Black and White 5.jpg
Black and White 3.jpg
Christmas Party 1.jpg
Christmas Party 5.jpg
Christmas Party 4.jpg
Christmas Party 10.jpg
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